[{"summary":"KHPC Training ODE Results","description":"Lots of fun at our ODE over the bank holiday weekend! Well done to all of our competitors who put in some super performances! Click here<\/a> to see results for our Mini Training ODE Sat 1st Aug. Click here<\/a> to see results for our Training ODE Sun. 2nd Aug.","image":"https:\/\/lh3.googleusercontent.com\/pw\/ACtC-3eSPqj-b8khtrbpSw9d1rmT8vvO1OuoUlje-cLxUMyb_ORE1_UfspJ9R-2pkshZwJLcpgHRU_NnV2ZzUeQDCIiFhvezbjzpsqz5EcnJ-Xvav_ICSwGBGm62PJh8VygNrc-kQccASom8B5oLtT9bNbHMJw=w899-h657-no?authuser=0","date":"5-Aug-2020","more":"Take a look at all of the action under 'Latest Albums'."},{"summary":"KHPC Training ODE Times","description":"Looking forward to seeing all of our competitors in Punchestown this weekend! Click here<\/a> to see times for our Mini Training ODE Sat 1st Aug. Click here<\/a> to see times for our Training ODE Sun. 2nd Aug.","image":"https:\/\/thumbs.dreamstime.com\/b\/clock-green-grass-nature-background-deadline-alarm-concept-clock-green-grass-flowers-nature-background-deadline-119767941.jpg","date":"31-Jul-2020","more":""},{"summary":"Showjumping Action at Punchestown","description":"Fantastic jumping on Saturday at Punchestown. Super riding across all levels. The rain held off and we even saw some sunshine! Check out some great action shots","image":"https:\/\/lh3.googleusercontent.com\/pw\/ACtC-3dt0-hHmV8bBpWE6f0A5Cncw9_OY-gVZ0d-sPxJjacAhJEu2rsuQlHCePENTqsKIHVxV6uGTHX68jh4rbtn8lA4pjkFjecXoZBoNnK5bxgr04YDsjJgcPwGcZWzbesYp3JD-gFgWXsBkGIWnReVgbaQLA=w876-h657-no?authuser=1","date":"13-Jul-2020","more":"under 'Latest Albums'"},{"summary":"Rallies at Punchestown","description":"We are delighted to be able to continue running rallies at Punchestown over the coming weeks. These include Showjumping, XC and Dressage and cover all age groups. Please continue to check the schedule","image":"https:\/\/scontent-dub4-1.xx.fbcdn.net\/v\/t1.0-0\/p206x206\/39500554_485167108561619_1351057236553629696_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_sid=dd9801&_nc_ohc=2nX-toJG9BgAX9tCBgB&_nc_ht=scontent-dub4-1.xx&tp=6&oh=13a4726965ff2094bd5dc0c59e847b4c&oe=5F8774AD","date":"22-Jun-2020","more":"under 'What's On' which is updated regularly."},{"summary":"Virtual Dressage Competition","description":"Well done to everyone who has taken part in our virtual dressage competitions over the past 9 weeks. It has been a great success and I'm sure all the hard work will pay off over the coming months.","image":"https:\/\/cmkt-image-prd.freetls.fastly.net\/0.1.0\/ps\/4724521\/300\/200\/m2\/fpc\/wm0\/knlbqv8gfsnzdp2bj9t67dd8wj9ccutpnwey8livdw72vxmalts0eakic1agvbjt-.jpg?1531032246&s=755d1bc731ba2d597fe48b59c8ac354a","date":"19-May-2020","more":"Many thanks to Mark Ruddock who has been a great coach and motivator for the riders."},{"summary":"Showjumping League 2020","description":"Our annual Showjumping League commences Sunday 12th of January in Coilog and will run every Sunday for 4 weeks with the final scheduled for Sunday 2nd of February.","image":"https:\/\/cmkt-image-prd.freetls.fastly.net\/0.1.0\/ps\/1491099\/600\/400\/m1\/fpc\/wm1\/n3zcjo9hxkhsee4yz1zrfrixdlnoimvws2mvmys4tyl9ahfkeoao06efpjh2qhjk-.jpg?1469683013&s=5c9ae741b99ca89007941ce49642e10e","date":"6-Jan-2020","more":"Starting at 10am sharp in both arenas. Indoor Arena; x-poles, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm. Outdoor Arena; 80cm, 90cm, 1m, 1.10m. Entries online."},{"summary":"2019 Annual Parent's Meeting and Awards Presentation, Dinner and Disco","description":"Please come along to the Annual Parent's Meeting, followed by the Awards Presentation, Dinner and Disco on Friday 22nd November 2019 in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane.","image":"https:\/\/420591-1322006-raikfcquaxqncofqfm.stackpathdns.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/01\/awards2.png","date":"14-Oct-2019","more":"APM starts at 7pm SHARP. Awards, Dinner and Disco at 7.30pm. Enter for the Awards, D&D now please Online."},{"summary":"Kildare Senior Mounted Games WIN RDS Championships","description":"The Kildare Senior Mounted Games team have WON THE RDS. Mega congratulations to Ali McPhillips, Isabel Donnelly, Josh Hickey, Louis Hennessy and Jake Brannigan","image":"https:\/\/www.jsw4jumps.co.uk\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/04\/p-1975-pc-flag-race_280x280.jpg","date":"12-Aug-2019","more":"and to their trainer Peter McCarthy on their momentous win. This is the first time since 1977 that Kildare have managed to secure the title."},{"summary":"IPC Championships - KIldare have great results","description":"Check out the Irish Pony Club Results page for the great achievements of the Kildare teams and individuals.","image":"https:\/\/lh3.googleusercontent.com\/pw\/ACtC-3ca1BmNhZeb_BrGuTof3mNZSn9fxDoS3CaOgqnpzl8bkJ_DcNiQM2yoak5ZFUHxwjmAgJQu2gsEs58bUQ9VNzNY0nghGs0yfZ4pCBOI-8f-XmKAV3OftKv0_cLJ7bgOVQuPDBFYeQRkw4ZSra8-7tsa8Q=w876-h657-no?authuser=0","date":"31-Jul-2019","more":"Well done to all, whether you were in the prizes or not, it is a great achievment to ride at the Championships and represent your club."},{"summary":"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! KILDARE WIN MINIMUS CHAMPIONSHIPS","description":"Congratulations and so very well done to the Kildare teams at the National Minimus Championships.","image":"https:\/\/lh3.googleusercontent.com\/pw\/ACtC-3f1NXqtIZeZemC69mgU2pSKZxWc4yJilvaOsltH0D7Xxbh_gjLF-HGq6ud3240a_Z5sdMO_36_fUoE4hVQuxIeAubpAbjKrkYsXl5e8J1aQKOqLMyFnQxUUI7w6Fv1rGyQIIdu_uLw2rFv0kyOUQgt_xQ=w876-h657-no?authuser=0","date":"16-Jun-2019","more":"The Kildare Maltesers team of Lucy Martin, Kate Fahey, Niall Fitzgerald and Ben Connors WON. The Kildare Rolos team of Ellie Dillon, Clodagh McCarthy, Daniel Sargent and Charlie O'Neill came an amazing 6th. Lucy Martin WON overall. Niall Fitzgerald 2nd, Charlie O'Neill 8th, Clodagh McCarthy 9th and Ben Connors 10th. Clodagh McCarthy was also joint winner of the Run. We are so proud of the amazing effort all our competitors put in with many of them recording personal bests. Huge thanks to all the children and parents for a fantastic weekend. Click here<\/a> for some of the photos."},{"summary":"RESULTS OF THE Area 2 Pure Dressage & CT Qualifier 19 May 2019","description":"Congratulations and well done to the prize winners and to all who participated in the Area 2 Combined Training Day on Sunday 19 May.","image":"https:\/\/cmkt-image-prd.freetls.fastly.net\/0.1.0\/ps\/4724521\/300\/200\/m2\/fpc\/wm0\/knlbqv8gfsnzdp2bj9t67dd8wj9ccutpnwey8livdw72vxmalts0eakic1agvbjt-.jpg?1531032246&s=755d1bc731ba2d597fe48b59c8ac354a","date":"20-May-2019","more":"Pure Dressage Results - Click here<\/a> for results. Combined Training Open, Intermediate, Junior, Novice, U10, U12 Results - Click here<\/a> for results."},{"summary":"SHOWJUMPING LEAGUE FRIDAY 26th APRIL POSTPONED","description":"We have been advised by Coilog that due to the weather warning in place for this evening 26th April, for health and safety reasons the final of our Show Jumping league has been CANCELLED.","image":"https:\/\/mdbootstrap.com\/img\/Photos\/Horizontal\/People\/4-col\/img%20(93).jpg","date":"26-May-2019","more":"The event has been rescheduled to Sunday 5th May starting at 10.30am. Apologies for the inconvenience."},{"summary":"RESULTS OF KHPC MINIMUS 14 APRIL 2019","description":"Click links below to download results from our KHPC Minimus & Tetrathlon Training Day 14 April 2019.