Tetrathalon/ Minimus News

About Tetrathalon/ Minimus

Tetrathalon and Minimus has been very successful within KHPC over the past number of years from the boys and girls teams in Minimus(U12) to Junior(U15) and Senior teams(U21). Members participating in Tetrathalon/ Minimus enjoy it immensely and it is truly a team sport with different members of the team excelling in certain phases and weaker in other phases with the combined team effort forming the end result. Training for Minimus and Tetrathalon typically starts in spring time. All members are welcome to join the swimming and running training. There are also a number of competitions held other than the Championships normally held in April & May.

The head of Minimus is Ber Fahey 085 683 0881 & Fiona Nangle 087 6606278

The head of Tetrathalon is Sean Sargent (087/2354916).

Minimus is for children under 12 on the year they wish to compete. There are 3 stages, swimming for 2 minutes (unaided), running 1000 meters cross country, and cross country riding (fences no bigger than 80 cm). Please text Sara Egan with your childs name, age, and D.O.B & you will receive regular texts regarding Minimus or check this web page.

It is a great way for kids and parents to meet. In 2015 40 kids competed in Minimus and a great weekend was had by all. In 2016 Kildare Hunt Pony Club will host the National Minimus Competition in Punchestown, so we will need lots of help from all parents

KHPC Competition and Training Dates

Will appear in your monthly schedule distributed by KPC secretary and you can book in the normal fashion with the organiser of the rally/competition.

IPC Championships

The IPC Minimus finals are held annually at the end of May and the IPC Tetrathalon Championships at the end of August. The table below illustrates the various disciplines within Minimus and Tetrathalon.

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