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Proficiency Tests

All Pony Club tests are optional but members are encouraged to progress through them during their time in Pony Club. The sequence of tests are as follows:

D test, D+ test, C test, Road Safety, C+ test, B test, H test, B+ test, A test

D Test Minimum age 8 years.

Riders must have a basic knowledge of riding and handling ponies.

D+ Test Minimum age 10 years.

Being able to apply aids and knowledge of looking after a pony.

C Test Minimum age 11 years.

This test is required for members wishing to do Junior Eventing and the Hunter Trial Championships. Must be competent cross country and have increased knowledge of stable management including knowing how to ride and look after a pony off grass.

Road Safety test

Aims to provide safety whilst riding on the road. Must be passed before progressing to C+

C+ Test Minimum age 14 years.

Riders should be effective and be able to ride a horse in a correct shape on the flat. Be able to ride over different fences in all paces. Show knowledge of looking after a stabled pony and a pony off grass.

B Test, H Test, B+ Test and A Test

These are for serious and dedicated riders.

Further information is available from the Irish Pony Club website.

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