Notes For New Members

Please check website for continued updates.

Schedules are available on the website under the Downloads section on the left hand side of the Home page.

We regularly communicate with members by text and email. Please ensure that you enter correct mobile and email address details when you fill in the Membership Form. If you have not been receiving text messages or emails, or wish to discontinue receiving them, please contact the Secretary with your details.

It will be neccessary for all members to attend 3 rallies before attending Junior camp in July.

Backprotecters must be worn at all rallies, and if riding cross country approved skull caps, backprotectors and medical armbands must be worn. Please ensure that your riding hat meets the recent Hat Standards before attending any Pony Club activity.

Click INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION to download a copy of our information sheet which is intended for new members. We hope that this will help new members, especially those who may not be from a pony/ horse background.

You are always most welcome to contact the DCs, secretary or any committee member with any questions you have regarding the Pony Club.